Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 1 Forum
Three things I learned in chapter 1

"Writers and photographers should resolve conflicts between words and pictures before the story goes to the press" (15).

"The medium shot should tell the story in on photographer, shoot the picture close enough to see the participants action, yet far enough to see the participants action, yet far away enough to show their relationship to one another and to the environment" (16).

"Photojournalists must catch their subjects as unaware as possible to record real emotions...In a good candid picture, subjects never gaze at the camera. Eye contact tips off the reader that the picture is not candid and suggests that the subjects was at least aware of the photographer and might even be preforming for the lens" (21).

*I recieved 4/5 on this assignment and was hoping this would bring it to 5/5 taking my grade from a 78% to 80% with 40 points instead of 39.

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