Friday, October 28, 2016

Alcohol: Bringing us together,  Alcohol: Tearing us apart

The story of alcohol consumption in America can go from the happiest stories and memories, to the worst nightmare an individual can face. The idea of capturing the true effects alcohol has on American culture is extremely captivating, as well as emotional. Alcohol brings the world together to celebrate the happiest of times and enhance individuals moods. Celebrations aren't concluded without a toast, parties aren't memorable without a drink, and relationships are enhanced. Brian Plonka, photographer of the series faced struggles within his own consciousness and ethics as well as the livelihood of others. Witnessing the deaths caused from alcohol consumption and dealing with the children of abusive alcoholic parents has pushed strain on the photographers mentality. Each photo in the series is black and white to diminish the light that alcohol brings to people and show the tragedy people face. The pictures show empty expressions to match an empty feeling the consumers had felt. Peer pressure, driving, consumerism, suicide, and grief all fall into each photo. The photographer had to emerge himself into this tragic story. Plonka joined parties, gatherings, celebrations, funerals, and investigations to gather photos for his story. American society has thrived on alcohol and used it to drive happiness into the worst of times. Alcohol becomes a problem once the drinks are used to fill a void rather than temporary happiness. 

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