Friday, September 30, 2016

    Who am I? For some reason that's an incredibly difficult question for me to answer. There's so many different aspects to my personality in which can be hard to explain. Well I'll just list some things I like. I am an associate at Rue21, and a prep cook at Carinos Italian restaurant. So I essentially fold sweaters and make lasagna to pay my bills. I work so much not only to be responsible but to travel. I have traveled the world on minimum wage. I have paid my way through countless local adventures, as well as gone to Mexico and Jamaica. My next goal is to travel to New York and explore each multi-cultural neighborhood. I am the one who drives the truck with a pumpkin patch garden in the back of it! My major here at LBCC is currently undecided, I attended classes throughout my senior year. I am leaning towards fashion design and marketing because I love how clothing can tell a story
 about someone every single day. I love taking pictures wherever I go and capturing the moments that made me smile. I took this class to expand my options for career paths as well as advance my skills in photography. I am committed to having good grades, so my main focus is so learn the material and receive an A at the end of the term. I would love to meet new people and hopefully end up attending school related events to take pictures! By the end of the term I would hope to gain more confidence with meeting new people!


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